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Corporate Social Responsibility is in the Réseau Entreprendre genes

CSR is hardwired in our genes

Reseau Entreprendre came about as a result of the innate awareness of André Mulliez that entrepreneurs and business had a responsability towards their environment. Although at the time André Mulliez did not known the term CSR, it has always been an inherent part of the Réseau Entreprendre DNA. Today the association members and laureates perpetuate this social commitment.

From diagnosis to action plan

Today associations in France and abroad take into consideration the following factors: 

1- Environmental impact:
Optimization of the environmental impacts of their actions (2012 eco-biennial project)
Development of video conferencing tools

2- Labour impact:
Experiments in teleworking
Training programmes that go beyond legal obligations

3- Societal: 
Gauging the satisfaction of Reseau Entreprendre associations in France (annual survey)
Reaching out to entrepreneurs in all their diversity (themed programmes and experiments)