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Réseau Entreprendre International
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You want to support our work and become a partner

Join Reseau Entreprendre International!

  • Take part in a dynamic network of more than 12,500 committed entrepreneurs. 
  • Help to create sustainable jobs in your area.
  • Promote entrepreneurial values in your teams.
  • Increase the impact of your actions in favour of local economic development.

    So go ahead, contact us!

    Our strength lies in the support given to new entrepreneurs

    • Reseau Entreprendre's mission is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and support future SMEs as job and wealth creators.
    • Reseau Entreprendre's core activity is the mentoring of new entrepreneurs by experienced businessmen. Their commitment is what makes Reseau Entreprendre driven by passion for entrepreneurship.
    • Reseau Entreprendre also offers funding (loans on trust), i.e. interest & collateral-free loans that are particularly attractive as they help to lever up other sources of funding, notably from banks.

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    Partner testimony

    Marc Flammang, Head of Philanthropy & Impact Investments,
    Bank Degroof Foundation 

    "The primary aim of the Bank Degroof Foundation is to strive for prosperity.
    By supporting entrepreneurship, Reseau Entreprendre International is a perfect match for this philosophy. Having accompanied Reseau Entreprendre International right from the start, we have been happy to support the creation of the Resau Entreprendre Branches in Brussels and Charleroi, as well as Geneva and Barcelona. For maximum impact, the Bank Degroof Foundation focuses its efforts on countries where the bank is active i.e. Belgium, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland. Beyond the financial support, we also support Reseau Entreprendre International through our network, our skills, or even just the provision of our premises. For example, our Bank Degroof subsidiary in Spain, Privat Bank, was the founding partner of Reseau Entreprendre Catalunya. Founded in 2012, this was the first Reseau Entreprendre division to open its doors in a country that had suffered so severely from the crisis with an unemployment rate of 27% (56% for the youth). Another example is the establishment of Reseau Entreprendre Charleroi. Bank Degroof provided both its staff and its network for the establishment of Reseau Entreprendre in a region with record unemployment (26%). Our staff has reacted very enthusiastically to Reseau Entreprendre and several of them are involved as mentors or founders of local branches. Reseau Entreprendre is a bold project that brings people together and may be duplicated on a wider scale. We trust that the passionate team running Reseau Entreprendre International will continue to develop this initiative in many other regions! "

    You want to support our work and become a partner? contact us