Réseau Entreprendre International
15 rue de chavril - espace 15
Sainte-Foy-lès-LYON - FRA 69 110
Tél.0033 (0)4 72 42 05 83
Réseau Entreprendre International


Member: experienced entrepreneur giving time, offering his/her skills and opening his/her network to new entrepreneurs (new companies or take-overs) who are laureates of a Reseau Entreprendre association. He/she pays an annual membership fee and takes part in the running of the association.

Laureate: new entrepreneur followed by a Reseau Entreprendre association (benefits from individual and collective mentoring, and also from a loan on trust).

Loan on trust: loan without collateral and with no interest which helps the laureates to increase his/her operating capital.

Loan fund: this is mostly arranged by the Development Director throught banks and local authorities and possibly through the country's founding entrepreneurs. 

Operating budget:
each association or local division should be able to fund its operation through the fees paid by its members and possibly through local private or public partners.

Referent association : experienced association which supports a new one. Acts as a fellow resource center where the Director,the staff, the Président and the Board can find practical assistance and exchange tips on the job.

Referent administrator:
from a referent association, he/she brings his/her experience, he/she takes part to Board meetings of the new association as the representative of the whole network.