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What are the selection criteria to benefit from our mentoring?

Reseau Entreprendre International's mentoring is tailored for entrepreneurs (business starters and buyers) who, as a result of their ambition, entrepreneurial potential, vocational experience, and target market, are willing to transform their business into a high-potential SME.  To be "eligible", your project must meet the following criteria:

The business starter's geographic location.

The business starter's place of activity must be located within a one-hour radius of travel from our association to be able to provide optimum individual and collective support.

Reseau Entreprendre International's main target group: projects with a high job creation potential.

- Business creation: creation of a significant number of jobs (> five jobs in three years), financing needs in keeping with those of a future SME.

-Take-over project: the new entrepreneur should have a strong determination to bring fresh momentum to the newly acquired business.

-Franchise projects will be considered: franchise contracts will be examined to assess the support required, the entrepreneur's control over the business and the association's added value in relation to the franchisor.

Reseau Entreprendre International supports fledgling businesses.

Business creation: six months before start-up (once the business plan has been outlined) and up to 18 months after the business's launch (the period is extended if there is a long Research & Development phase).

The business starter must control the company and have a real need for support.

The actual management of the business started up or acquired must be the applicant's main activity.
The entrepreneur must have control of the business and a majority stake in the company.
The applicant must have a real need for support and must express this need.
Anyone who turns to the association merely to obtain a loan on trust will be considered to be off-target.

Adherence to Reseau Entreprendre International's founding values...

A  "people come first" approach: any person who meets the criteria above can be an applicant, regardless of their age, nationality, education and career path.

A free service: Neither guaranty nor interest rate are requested in our loan. A Reseau Entreprendre member cannot be financially involved in the company of a laureate.

A give and take spirit: Laureates are invited to give tomorrow to others what they receive today, becoming links in the chain of mutual assistance between entrepreneurs.